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The Feral Becoming

undomesticating the human experience
What does it mean to be human and animal on the other side of domestication?

When we talk about domestication here, it is more than pets, agriculture, or modern conveniences. We’re speaking to how dominance and manipulation have severed our connection to the mature, wild animality of emotion as the subtle, discerning guidance of innate wisdom.

Beyond popular ideas of re-wilding, we are approaching domestication as a foundational trauma in the emotional development of our species; a trauma that has birthed countless iterations of violence and systemic oppression for both human and non-human animals.

The Feral Becoming is
 helping others reclaim a fully fledged, embodied relationship to emotion as human-animal conduit for soul intelligence.

We offer creative and direct support to address the trauma of domestication and the complex social, relational and internal challenges of
 living in a domesticated world.

As we unlearn the conditions that cause suffering, we relearn mature animal emotion.
We become self-regulating. We reclaim our instinct, intuition, and inspiration. We reclaim our birthright to the wild within us.

What We Do


Interspecies Relationship

Grief Tending


Writing and Creative Content

We are writers, offering everything from non-fiction works around emotional health and trauma to poetry and prose, including speculative fiction. You can access our writing and other creative work through our main Patreon page, where we also facilitate prompt-guided monthly Deep Writing sessions for our patrons. For previously published work, including Ren’s first two books explaining the origins of our work around domestication, please click HERE.

Phoenix Landing and Sanctuary13

Each week, we teach an online class on the principles of Sanctuary13 – a mutually inclusive, practically applied set of relationship conditions for undomesticating yourself and the dependents in your care. These classes are accessed by becoming a patron of our land-based sanctuary project, Phoenix Landing – All proceeds from your membership to that page support the sanctuary and the herd of undomesticated horses and other animals who deeply inform our work.


​We offer deeply held somatic grief processing, through community ritual, grief witnessing or individual guided work based on our clients needs. We also provide land-based grief tending and one-on-one support to help you create your own personal grief rituals.


We provide individual and relationship counseling and guidance through the lens of undomesticating your life and relationships. Reach out for more information on individual, couple, or group sessions.


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Howl at us!

We welcome questions about our work and offerings. Contact us if you would like to schedule a free consult for therapy, guidance, or grief-related processes.


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